Plum Awards 2020

This year Plum Awards' theme was Mary Poppins and the quarantine. The participants were encouraged to imagine how the magical nanny nad the children would deal with this extraordinary challenge.

So I imagined that Mary would appear one day when the children are browsing the internet and then... they cook together, learn new songs and, of course, go visit old friends...

Yesterday we went to give Almirant Boom some chocolates, brownies and cupcakes we made for him. It was so sunny the street was crowded. Luckily, Mary Poppins had gaven us some masks and we felt protected.

‘Hurry up, James! I don’t want to be at Almirant Boom’s when he announces the applause time!’, said Jane. ‘His canyon always scares me so much!’

‘I’m sorry, Jane! It is too difficult going faster when I have to keep two metres from everybody.’

We were really worried about Uncle Albert. He lives on his own far away, and nobody would be able to go and have tea with him! But thank God, Mary Poppins knows all the tecnological tricks to keep in touch with our friends!

By using our tablet, we could have tea and muffins with our dear friend... Of course, we did it up on the ceiling, because it’s impossible not to laugh at Uncle Albert’s jokes!

But this time, Mary Poppins didn’t get upset with us. She said laughing is a crucial medicine, often undervalued.

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Illustrations Copyright © 2020 Laura Garrido. All rights reserved.